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Vehicle tracking

Our core business is to protect your business with integrity. You can now track your vehicle or a fleet of them from the comfort of your office car, home or anywhere else. Our vehicle tracking system allows you to have full control over your asset because it allows you to have access to powerful administration tools


Fleet Management

We may all be aware of how challenging fleet management can be and, most times, frustrating. At any given time, one is responsible for tracking vehicles and knowing where precisely they are at all times It becomes difficult especially when your customer relations are at stake, having the right routes followed by the designated driver

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel Monitoring

Our advanced tracking system helps you detect and prevent loss of fuel. This includes both theft and leaks, and with our FMS GPS tracking system, you’ll know almost immediately which vehicle is losing fuel.

We offer fleet owners a complete fleet management solution. This solution includes all hardware, equipment and software, as well as