Does your tracker need SIM card?

Yes, it need GSM SIM card.

How many vehicles can I track?
There is no limit set to the number of vehicles you can track.

Can anyone tell where the tracker is fitted in my car?

Our trackers are totally concealable and therefore no one can be able to tell where it is fitted. They do not have external GPS antenna which in most cases guides intruders on the location of the device.

Can your tracker be fitted in any model of vehicle?

Yes, including construction equipment and tractors

What happens when I sell my vehicle?

One can either decide to sell the vehicle and hand over the ownership of the tracker to the new owner or one can request us to transfer the tracker to the new vehicle, on this we will charge a small fee.

Who else can receive alerts from the tracker fitted in my car?

You can authorize to receive the alerts.

How can I trace my vehicle?

  1. Computer or laptop: Once we install a tracker in your vehicle, we will give you a username and password which you will use to log in to our online system and you will be able to monitor you fleet real time.
  2. Mobile app: By downloading and activating GPS monitor plus app, you will be able to track you fleet form any smart phone or tablet.

What do I do when I notice my vehicle is missing?

You contact us and we will guide you on how to go about stopping your vehicle remotely.

Can I monitor fuel?

Yes you can. Our system allows you to monitor fuel level and consumption real-time.